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Bathroom Design

Jefferson Street Flooring provides a wide selection of products to enhance the beauty and function of your bathroom, shower and tub.  We specialize in custom showers with seats, inset shelves and other trending design features.

  • Installation from our private contractors
  • Free estimates
  • Factory trained assistance
  • Knowledgeable and friendly service

Design Ideas

Adding a mosaic or some glitz such as glass to your space can make a big design statement. Try an accent in the shower, tub area or as a backsplash above the vanity. It's easy to make a bold statement and add your personality to your home's design with just a little glass and tile.

Classic whites never go out of style, always looking clean and fresh. Using different shades, bevels and finishes can add distinction and design elements to any classic finish.

Subway tile is as enduring as classic white, capturing the imagination of homeowners who want practical design features that allow rooms to be furnished with modern appliances and antiques. Since being introduced more than a century ago, subway tile designs and colors continue to capture everyone's imagination.

Be Brave! Don't be afraid of a fresh color, cool grays, tans, browns and earthtones.

Come in and we will design what's right for you.

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